How killed my blog

I’ve always liked WordPress as a blogging platform.

As a self-hosted option it’s probably still fine, but using as a blogging platform these days has become hopelessly limited.

I can no longer use ANY plugins on the free plan.
Earlier I could at least use some basic ones like PowerPack and Akismet, but now I can’t even get syntax highlighting for code blocks, for Christ’s sake I can’t even use code blocks anymore.

After the move to the seriously annoying Gutenberg editor (which sucks ass by the way), I can’t even use code blocks because I don’t have the PowerPack plugin installed or something.
The only option I get is to use “preformatted text”.

I need language-specific code syntax highlighting, not some stupid preformatted text.

So, that was it for The Thoughts of a Madman on

Thank you, for being so generous with your free plan options. It’s basically NOTHING.

So, screw you and goodbye, I’m moving on to something that’s actually useable.

To the kind folks that follow my blog:
I’ll post an update on where to find my new blog here when I decide what platform to use and where to host it.
I just have to find time to move the old stuff over.