Why do I call myself “The Madman”?

Well, obviously because I believe I am mad. I think there is more mad people in this world then there are sane people.

Most people I see around me are wearing masks. These masks is bought in the “house of artificial happiness”, and it was purchased in a unconscious state of mind, by someone unknown, while they grew up.

If you look at the world we live in, it would be a strange thing if one could live happily.

Sure, I have pleasures in life, but is that the same as happiness? As a whole, it’s really more too it then just momentary states of enlightenment. When I meditate (yes, I do Vipassana meditation), I see things clearly. All the work that must be done.

I try to to live as if there was no tomorrow, but that has side effects. Like two weeks ago, I purchased a Mac Book Pro, which I really couldn’t afford. So my mortgage payment is now overdue. But that was a materialistic, and selfish example.

This might have to do with my bipolar depression, I don’t know.

Anyway, try not to inhale dry cheese crackers. It will not do you good.