Obama turned down lunch with The King Of Norway

Just to make one thing clear: I do not follow international politics much. I’m more of a philosopher, as I must say that this democracy is a joke. If change is your thing, the steps needed to turn is vast and unreachable. So what is democratic about that? I would like it if decisions concerning the reputation, future and well-being of the country in questions where polled from the actual human beings LIVING in the SOCIETY, not by a choice group of suits living in a concubine of artificial safety and total isolation from reality.

Enough politics. I think the reason that President Obama turned down the invitation for lunching with the King Of Norway had to do with the fear of getting served a traditional dish from Norway called “Smalahove”.



For those that immediately felt the urge to try this, I can guide you to the Smalahove Portal:


All the best: