Why care about Open Source Software? Isn’t that for “geeks only”?

Why care about Open Source Software? Isn’t that for “geeks only”?

Well, no. And even if YOU don’t see the point, or have the knowledge needed to examine source code, rest assured, somebody does. Both the good and the bad guys… Do YOU want your personal information broadcast on the net without your knowledge?

What’s nice to know, is that there are thousands of extremely talented developers, working around the clock, around the globe to counterattack the fascist software regime of todays computer world.

This might sound strange, but many of those does this without even getting paid (as in money).

I’m not the person that generally sponsors anything or anyone. There are two exceptions when it comes to foundations or organizations, namely The Salvation Army (they do lots of great stuff for many good people) and The Free Software Foundation, FSF.

What does FSF do for me? Well, they are part of a critical scenario, that I believe will come upon us in a not so distant future. And in this scenario they, or “we”, are the enemy, but not the bad guys.

I want to be able to inspect each tiny little part of the machinery that houses all my documents, pictures, personal information, my on-line communication, I think you get the picture.

Without sounding paranoid, I’m pretty sure that the US government, as well as many others, supports a large operating system and software company, located somewhere around Redmond.
The fact that their products are installed on roughly 93% of all personal computers might be a reason for this.
It then comes as no surprise, that this all too common operating system, actually stores personal information in the most peculiar places, and that the code that runs it, is closed source, binary files.

It is able to do whatever the developers want it to do, and do so without respect of the users that runs it. Anything can happen behind the scenes.
Add to that poor implementations of both file and user account security mechanisms, and you’ve got yourself a real deal!

Your personal computer could be a broadcaster of personal information. Then comes viruses, spyware, nagware and bluescreens with memorydumps.

I don’t want these developers to do what they want with my data. I don’t believe in closed source software.
I don’t like the scenario, where all computer users, indirectly, lives under the laws of a strange sounding dictator software company. I mean, there are reasons why the guys that sits on REALLY classified information uses only open source software…

So, please, head over to The Free Software Foundation, and give a donation. It might be worth it.


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  1. I agree. But sounds a bit paranoid…at least for “convert” a “normal” person.

    Also, Mac OSX is privative software. Yes, they used more Open Software in their OS and they contributed a bit more that Microsoft but really don´t too much.


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