Some of my favorite girls names (Arabic/Persian)

I think many of the most beautiful girls names come from Arabic / Persian.

This is a list of some of my favorites, including the meaning in Arabic / Persian:

* Ada – (Urdu word) To perform; grace; elegance; charm.

* Aaliah – (`Aaliah) Sublime, high woman. ( Also spelt Aliyah)

* Alisha – Protected by God

* Amirah – Princess

* Ayesha (‘Aaisha) – Beloved wife of the Prophe…

* Daniyah – Dear; close; low; easy; comfortable.

* Darya – Sea

* Deenah – (Arabic) Obedience; nature; habit; name of a Sahaabiyyah…

* Dhakiyah – A lady with keen perception and a sharp mind; an intelligent lady.

* Hannah – Sound of delight, affection. The mother of Hazrat Maryam (Mary); and the wife of Imran who is mentioned in the Holy Quran.

* Jameelah – Physically and morally attractive; good looking; beautiful; pretty girl.

* Leena – A small plant of dates which grows near the big tree of dates; name of a Sahaabiyyah.

* Leila – Nocturnal ; Night ; A name of a female Sahaabi ; A charactor from the famous tales of Leila Majoon. Name of a Sahaabiyyah. (Also spelt Leylah)

* Lu’lu – Pearls. Also the name of a narrator of Hadeeth

* Ma`eenah – An assistant; a helper; an aid.

* Maahirah – Skillful; able; experienced.

* Maryam – Name of the mother of Hadrat

* Moonisha – A Companion; a comrade; an associate. An intimate friend

* Nadia – Fem. of Nadir; Moist, Damp, Tender

* Saabirah – Patient; tolerant.

* Saiyida – Name of the wife of Hazrat Ismaa’il (Ishmeel) peace be upon him, a Prophet of AIlah Almighty.

* Sakeena – Contentment; accord; pleasure.

* Shaakira – Grateful; thankful; content; praising; one who gives due appreciation

* Shameela – Good quality; virtue; excellence

* Shamina – Beautiful

* Taaraa – (Urdu) Star.

* Tahira – Clean

* Yasmeen – A sweet smelling flower called Jasmine

* Zaheera – A blooming flower; of bright and lovely colour; lofty

* Zahraa – Beautiful; Also a title of The Lady of Jannah, Faatamah.