Is there a thing such as “the perfect computer mouse”? I may have found mine…

So what is this post about?

Well it’s about something we all use for several hours every day, that is our most intimate connection to our computer, you guessed it, The Mouse!

I’ve tried MANY different makes and models through the years, without really finding the perfect fit for me.
Well, one time many years ago I had a USB cabled optical mouse from Logitech that was really perfect, but I used it for so many years that I actually wore it out! I tried to get a new one, but the model was out of production off course, so I had to settle with a second best solution.

Since then I’ve tried mice from Logitech, HP, Microsoft and Razor, but never really found an equally good mouse.

This post might seem a bit strange on people who doesn’t have a dedicated companionship with the mouse, but I do, so I’m pretty serious about it. I use the mouse more than most people, as I work in different graphics applications, like Photoshop, Blender and 3DS Max. Most of the time I use my Wacom Intous for most detailed work, but for most regular things I use a standard mouse.
Besides, having a mouse that works great when I have two monitors and constantly keep changing applications and focus can really make a big productivity and comfort difference.

My setup is as said, two monitors and I often watch tutorials or read PDF’s on one screen and work in one or two applications on the other, so the tasks of changing applications and keeping the right focus is very important.

Most of the time I use the Alt+Tab and activate the windows I need, but soon I found that having a dedicated button on the mouse mapped to the Alt+Tab key combo is really practical. So my perfect mouse has to have more than the standard three buttons.

I do a lot of scrolling and paging, so a nice scroll function is also a must on the mouse. I can’t stand the “three lines per tick” scrolling on most mice, as it jumps too long when reading a page, and setting it to scroll one line will get too slow in applications like a web browser. So the ability to scroll smooth without the clicking on the scroll wheel is also a must. I need a “step less” scrolling function where the mouse wheel rolls freely, but with the ability to scroll in steps when needed.

I can’t stand the “Nano” mice, as they get too small for my hand, and the buttons are tiny, so the mouse has to have some decent size.

It has to be comfortable in the hand, with good ergonomic design, not like a lump of plastic with buttons on it.

It has to be wireless, yet precise. I need a good resolution on the DPI.

It has to have good battery life. I hate having to change batteries all the time, plus it hurts the environment.

It has to work on many surfaces. I have to be able to use it while sitting in the sofa and other obscure places.

It has to have configurable buttons with different application profiles. I need to have one button function like the back button in the browser, but like “Undo” in another.

It has to work on both Windows and Mac and possibly on Linux without too many hacks.

This is a lot of demands for a mouse! Does a mouse like this exist, and how much will it cost?

I’ve found only ONE mouse that does all these things. It is the rather unknown Logitech M705 “Marathon Mouse”.
There is one more if you only need Windows support, but I use it equally much on both Windows and Mac.
This is worth some criticism towards Logitech, because if you look at the box it has an OS X logo on it, but it only works as a basic mouse in OS X, without configuration options. That sucks! No extra buttons or anything. GoFigure();

It has all these functions, plus it has a 1000 days battery life! Beat that! 1000 days! That’s like three years… In practice though I doubt it will last that long, but that’s what’s announced from Logitech.

Anyway, if you need a “perfect mouse” with all these properties, you now have the answer for what to buy!

This is the product page for it:

Here are some pictures of this incredible Mouse:


One thought on “Is there a thing such as “the perfect computer mouse”? I may have found mine…

  1. In my opinion, Microsoft 3 button mouses with USB cable, simple one without any additional button(s) are just perfect.

    No need fancy wireless, etc.

    And also I just dislike mouse with battery, no matter what.


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