Today I purchased a new iPad 3

Today I purchased my first tablet computer.
I’ve never felt that I needed one of these, but lately I’ve had a feeling that I spend too much time on my laptop and on my stationary, but the truth is that I do a LOT of reading, and mostly in the format of .pdf e-books.

I believe that purchasing a dedicated reading device for reading proprietary file formats is a complete rip-off, so that was not an option. Besides reading, I watch a lot of pictures from different forums online, and my own and my friend’s photography work, and I don’t think that watching pictures on a low resolution 8″ screen does justice to such work, so I didn’t consider a tablet device for this.

But, the technology does get better, and the latest models of tablets from companies like HTC, Apple and Samsung is getting quite good for watching photos and definitely for reading PDF files! So instead of being dependent on the laptop for doing things like updating my social media connections, watching pictures, reading and writing mail and basic surfing I decided to get a good tablet device. My choice depended on two main factors: performance and screen quality.

After looking at both Galaxy tab, iPad3 and some other models, I choose the latest iPad. I’m used to working on both Apple OS X and iPhone, so the user interface was smooth sailing. Now if you’ve read all this about me getting an iPad, you probably start wondering when I’m getting to the point of this update! Well I’m sorry to say, there is no point! I’m writing this update to test out the keyboard of my new iPad 3!

Have a nice weekend!


3 thoughts on “Today I purchased a new iPad 3

  1. You made a great choice. Of course Nexus Tablet is not too bad either for fraction of cost, but iPad 3 does offer a lot more in term of Apps and how it works with other iOS and Apple product, including Apple TV.

    Some of my top recommended apps:
    – Photosync
    – Air Video
    – GoodReader (for iPad and iPhone)
    – TourWrist
    – ShowYou
    – FlipBoard
    – Early Edition
    – Zite
    – SplashTop

    But there are so many anyways and I bet you already have list of apps you like 🙂


  2. Don’t forget to jailbreak it. It’s a completely new world of apps/tweaks that make the difference. I really recommend it. I have mine jailbreaked. Great choice.


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