I’ve started a new LinkedIn group! C Programming for a Modern Era

There are lots of C programmers. There are lots of C programming groups and forums. So why create another?
Well I’m starting a tutorial series on my blog about modern C programming using the latest standard of the language as a base, not considering compatibility with “old” versions of C, but harnessing the possibilities that now exists in the language and libraries. The additions to the C language the last ten years or so are substantial, and a lot of stuff that was really cumbersome to do in C back then is now as easy (or easier) as in any modern high-level language.

My view on C has always been that it is a really useful language to learn, because most other programming languages in widespread use today are based heavily on it, and because it lets the programmer experience the detailed nature of high-level data structures, and how the low-level structure of the data that implements it really looks and behaves.

With the latest standards of the C Programming Language it’s no longer a hard task to learn how to create basic C programs that actually works.

It’s a long time since I used C, but lately I’ve started to pick it up again on my spare time, because of all the cool new features that was “missing” in the language before.

If you feel like doing some modern C programming, please join this group and come along for the ride.