The series on Modern C programming has a new home!

Future content-posts for the series has a new home!

I’m a big fan of Evernote.
I use it for pretty much everything, from recipes, book chapter drafts, digital scanning of all my physical snail mail, project organizing and to-do lists to (from this day) blog editing!

I’ve found a incredibly useful (for me at least) service called Everblog, that lets me write and edit my blog posts straight from within the Evernote application.

This will be a huge timesaver for me, as I use Evernote for all my resource gathering and pre-press work for my planned book, “Real C, Real Value – A modern approach to C programming” and for my other writing projects.

So, all future posts to the series I plan on publishing to the group will live there, and discussions on the topics will live on LinkedIn.
I’ll use that blog and this group for gathering feedback to my articles which again will turn into chapters for the book on C.

My list on planned practical projects for the book is something in the lines of:

1. “A gentle introduction to the C language, C11 style”
2. “Introduction to Socket programming in C”
3. “Cross platform GUI programming in C”
4. “Connecting the sockets and GUI into a usable program”
5. “Introduction to graphics and image processing in C”
6. “Using a game engine”
7. “Writing a simple 2D game with what we’ve learned so far”
8. “C Programming and sound processing”
9. “Adding sound to our game”
10. “Creating a graphical Mp3 player in C”
11. “Platform specific challenges in multi-platform programming”
12. “A theory chapter on algorithms and the Standard C Library”
13. “What’s Next?”

As you can imagine, there is a lot of writing to do, and I need a place to get feedback on the way, hence the LinkedIn group and the blog.

I’m off to Copenhagen for the weekend, but I’ll post the next update on Monday”



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