Luxology / The Foundry Modo 701 now available for Linux

Modo Logo

Ok, so I was a little bit intimidated when I first heard about the Luxology merger with The Foudry. I was thinking in terms of Autodesk buying every small to medium Graphics Company and whirling it all up into one big package (or three).
But then I read about the fact that they had already thought about joining forces for some time and that they actually knew each other long before the fusion took place. Than it’s a whole other story the way I see things.
One of the best things that came rather instantly after the fusion was a Linux Edition of Modo 701! I could barely believe my eyes when I first read about this and how fast they produced a well functioning beta.
Now I’ve installed Modo 701 on both my mediocre laptop computer and on my main workhorse, both running openSuse 12.3 and it works beautifully.
If you’d like to try Modo on Linux, they have a free 15 day trial that you can download from, mark my words, The Foundry’s homepage.
If you want to get a little bit more out of the demo, I’d go for the $25 package that includes the program itself (for 30 days I think), lots of contents and a lot of tutorial videos of extremely high quality.

I’ve been waiting to upgrade my Modo 401 commercial license for some time now, because I’ve not really felt that the updates in the previous editions have been worth it from my point of view.

Don’t get me wrong, the updates have been substantial, but not the updates in the parts of the program I mainly use for my modeling work, besides I’ve been using Blender for pretty much everything.
But this is my reason to upgrade to 701! No doubt about it.

I encourage everyone to try out the new edition of this incredible 3D application, that has in relatively short time went from being a “modeling only” tool to a complete 3D Production Pipeline product, including physics, animation, very nice rendering and other cool stuff. Now supported on both Windows, OS X and Linux!

Here is an image of Modo 701 running on my openSuse KDE Desktop:

Modo On Suse 12.3


Here’s a video showing some of Modo’s modeling capabilities: