About the plans for my book on C11 and some thoughts for the future…

I’ve been very busy lately, both on a personal and professional level.

I’m sorry for not being able to follow-up my intentions regarding the public updates from my writings.

I can ensure you that the writing keeps going, but I don’t have time to filter out “publicly acceptable” content like how I thought I would. This is actually quite an involved process that requires testing of all sources on all platforms, plus proofreading the textual content.

I’ve also decided to incorporate C++11 into the book, so this will actually be more of a “How to become a programmer” type of book, that includes practical projects in both C, C++ and C# (and maybe even some Python for good karma).

After reading through it, you should be able to use Version Control Systems like GIT, develop with confidence in a modernistic way using the latest standards of the aforementioned languages and tools.
I’m thinking of having the main theme focused on C++11 as this is where most of the hype is these days and do a parallel solution in the other languages, so that the readers can get an idea of the differences involved in using all of these popular programming languages.

It will NOT be a book about what a variable is and how to assemble a for-loop. It will require SOME degree of programming knowledge or else I’d be writing an encyclopedia and not a book.

In the meantime I’ll keep posting updates to my blog as usual, about anything that interests me. 
I can’t commit to any deadlines right now, partially because I have a life and partially because stress is bad for you.

Until next time… 😉