Cakewalk has a sweet deal for Sonar these days!





Why I found the Cakewalk Sonar offer unbeatable:


I’m usually not keen on using “single platform” software.

I’d rather like all my software to run on at least OS X and Windows and hopefully on Linux as well.
Cakewalk’s Sonar runs only on Windows, but it runs great on Windows as well.

I believe that a complex piece of software like a digital audio workstation (DAW) solution must either be built from the start to support different platforms (choice of API’s and libraries etc) or it should stick to the platform that it works best on from the start.
In these modern days of software engineering there are noticable exceptions to this,¬†as is the case with MOTU’s Digital Performer, that for many years ran only on OS X but now runs on Windows as well.

Examples of single platform software that probably won’t see cross-platform support any time soon could be Apple’s Logic and Final Cut, which only runs on OS X Mac machines.

The newer additions to the DAW market, like Ableton Live, Reaper and PreSonus Studio One, has been built from the start to support different platforms and does this rather flawlessly.

I’m certainly not a professional musician or a producer, but I do notice a good piece of software when I try one.
Also I’m no math wiz, but when a $150 software suite comes bundled with plugins worth over $600, one must stop and think “How do they do that?”.

Actually I’m not all that concerned about how they do it, rather I’m glad that they actually do!

And what if I don’t have $150 up front?
No problem! Just take our “pay-as-you-go” option and pay it off in 12 consecutive monthly installments! Use PayPal or Credit Card, up to you!
Now, that’s a sales / business model I wish more companies used.
(Seriously, I don’t understand why they don’t do just that)

Take a look at what comes bundled with Cakewalk’s Sonar Professional:

Addictive Drums 2 (Full) w/ one full sound set (pack) and core libraries
Value: around $150 (It’s $250 with 3 sound packs)

Melodyne Essentials (ARA Integration with Sonar works like a charm)
Value: $99

Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Bundle (All 19 Audio plugins)
Value: $399 (!)

And while the rest of the listed products are part of Cakewalk’s Sonar Professional, it’s worthy a mention:

SessionDrummer 3 with kits from Steven Slate, Sonic Reality, Smart Loops and more

The Z3ta+ Synth module (sounds are incredible)

Sonitus::FX plugins (DX), Purchased by Cakewalk in ca. 2003, these are starting to show its age, but they sound good.

“Pro Channel” channel strip plugins with components from among others Softube.
The Pro Channel concept is better described by visiting the Cakewalk blog over at:

A 64-bit sound engine that I think just sounds better than other DAW’s.
(Not sure if it’s the engine or what, it just sounds better, period.)

Really smooth workflow, once you shake off some preconceived habits in other DAW’s and start to actually understand the “flow” in the workflow!

When I started using Sonar I didn’t understand much of it, and still some things are tripping me up, but for each day I’m feeling more and more confident working in Sonar and less and less interested in going back to alternative X.

So, if you need a program for doing anything from creating EDM style dance floor hits, recording that old acoustic guitar of yours or are creating sound effects for your latest game creation, Cakewalk Sonar is a deal that gives you real “bang for your buck” to put it like that.

Takes a little getting used to, but it certainly is one superb piece of DAW software suite.

Get started for as little as $9.99 / month for the artist version.
This does not give you anywhere near the benefits you get with the professional version and if you buy it through Steam, the Professional version is somewhere around 15 dollars / month in comparison, so go figure!

Check it all out over at:
All the best,

The Mad Man