Network Licensing Maya 2010 on the Linux client

I recently received a question about licensing via a network server running Windows on the network.

I’m definitely no licensing expert, but this MIGHT give you a push in the right direction. (Or get you totally far out) 😉

So, the guy that contacted me had a problem regarding the license utility not showing up when starting Maya.

Autodesk support had turned him down, as the platform (or rather the distribution) used was not “supported” by the giant.
This should not be a barrier, and I seriously think that Autodesk should be able to offer SOME sort of support to paying network licensees that pay $$$ an mas for their overpriced products, no matter what Linux distribution they choose to use. (hopeless).

So here it goes:

Well, the license utility usually pops up on the first launch of Maya.

The error:

Tried Maya Unlimited 2010 (657B1 2010.0.0.F), error 41

The F (657B1 2010.0.0.F) in the error stands for floating license I think.
The FlexLM errorcode 41 stands for “Feature was never checked out”

You obviously should have access to the license file and that this is registered with AD and in order, as the
licensing works on the Windows clients. This is done using the LMTOOLS on the
Windows licensing server.
So, on the client side:

First find out where the lmutil executable is installed on your local machine.
I think what you need to do is to first locate the licensing server with:

./lmutil lmhostid -hostname

This should show the servername.

Then you need the License server ID, to get this:

./lmutil lmhostid

The twelve-character host ID should show up.

So with this information you should be able to get the same interface to licensing
on the Linux box with the license tool “lmutil” located somewhere in /opt/Autodesk/Adlm/ path.
(if this is where you installed).

Do a search for the file if you dont find it.
This is the executable license utility that looks the same on all platforms.

But, if you cant get by with this, I must wave the white flag, as I’m no licensing expert!