When Lightwave comes with a “Hard Core”…

If you, like me, have been following the evolution around the next version of Lightwave, you also know that the details around the project, that the users (members) of the “Hard Core” community has been privileged to get insight in, is really promising.

I will not expose any of these materials in my blog, as they are “community only”.

Most of it will probably leek through via the wire elsewhere, but I don’t want to be the one to blame. One thing I must site from todays news update is not something that could be considered “exposure”, but maybe as a bait, or seed to grow confidence in a society that has kinda been an “underdog” in the sense of presence, at least for the last couple of years.

When I quote the words: “The Future is really bright for Lightwave”, and when these words comes from “the high order” of developers at Newtek, it should suffice.

As you see when visiting Newtek’s Lightwave web page, it’s Core we’re talkin’ here. A new way for developers and artists alike to build upon and take advantage of a product that has been tested by real users, flamed upon and beloved, constantly debated in a enthusiastic sub forum for registered users. Bugz have been corrected and through frequent “test releases”, the members have been able to actually use the upcoming product, from its infantile beginnings, all the way to the final release.

That’s pretty unique, if you think about it. I don’t know any other company (that does not operate with open source), that has enough guts to do a thing like this. But on second thought it makes perfect sense. It cuts development time and testing cycles, as most bugs and annoyances has already been seen and reported by loyal followers.

I must say, I look forward to the “New Standard”, that will actually change the possibilities in magnitudes, compared with todays work flow.

Thumbs Up, and good luck!

May the forces be with you.