Problems with Nokia N Series Phones?

I’ve always been a fan of Nokia’s N series line of mobile phones.
Ever since my first Nokia N72, I’ve used N series, except for a short period where I recently tried the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone.
Now it’s back to N series. Anyway, I recently had a problem that I googled about and tried different approaches for solving for days, with no success. The phone would not install software, no matter what. No new Maps, no new apps, no new nothing! I was completely stuck. All the phone said was “Unable to Install”. Not very informative… 😦

This may bee common knowledge for the techno/gadget geeks out there, but I found that by using the command:

I was able to completely format the phone, and it worked again! This command removes EVERYTHING on your phone. Contacts, messages, the works, so be sure to do a backup first…

Just as a tip for those that experience strange problems on Nokia N-Series phones.
I don’t know if this works on other models…