About Me

Hello there World!

Thanks for visiting my WordPress.com blog!
It will contain posts about the things that occupy my spare time.

Contents of this blog will reflect my main interests / hobbies which are:

3D Graphics
Tools for creating 3D graphics!
Using the 3D application’s Python API’s
Linux and BSD
Programming in C, C++ and Python

It will also contain some Tips and tricks on different operating systems, reviews of things I purchase and stuff that suddenly strikes me as being interesting…

Hope you’ll subscribe if you find the topics interesting!

All the best
Baltazaar / Cseder / Chris


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi..great post about maya installation!!!

    but you know how to install Houdini 10 on Linux Ubuntu _x64…i had problems with server connections…

    if u know can publish here?



  2. Hi great Tutorial, keep good work, i have simple question …How to add launch icon after installation Maye 😦 Thanks


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